Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Myself as a source

I'm not including this in my list of sources, but leaving it as a sort of comment I guess. I used my own personal knowledge and passion on this topic for my paper. Having experienced first hand the journey that having gastric bypass surgery is, it makes me a very impassioned person about it. I can't imagine my life as it was any more. I do know that I was always tired and really just not a happy person at all. I was very good at putting on a brave face and making it look like I was fine, but really, I wasn't. Since having surgery I have literally lost a whole person. Not just in weight, but I lost the depressed "fat mommy" that I was. Before my surgery I would not have been in this class. I had always wanted to go back to school to get my degrees, but deep down inside I could never have accomplished that because I was so ashamed of who and what I was. I could not fit in an airline seat and had to ask, as discreetly as possible, for an extender. Now, I am able to easily fit into a seat AND put the tray table down completely.

I love my life now. I am thrilled to be an active mom who can keep up with her kids. I love going out with them and experiencing life with them rather then just kind of watching from the side. I had this surgery for a bunch of different reasons, but regaining my life and getting to really live are some of the biggest ones. I look so forward to the rest of my life. The life that I will definitely get to live and see because of this wonderful surgery that I was able to have.

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