Sunday, December 7, 2008

The "bible" of gastric bypass

For anyone considering gastric bypass the first book that they should buy is Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies. This book has all the information that someone could want about surgery. It covers everything from what the benefits and downsides of surgery can be to how to deal with your insurance company. This book is an amazing resource and is written by a weight loss surgeon, the publisher of a weight loss magazine, and a patient advocate for weight loss surgery.

This book does what many of the books in the "for Dummies" series does. It takes the very complicated subject of weight loss surgery and breaks it down. It makes the information much more manageable and guides you to other resources when necessary. It helps to guide you through all of the possible questions that you could have about your surgery. How to pick a surgeon and what you should bring to the hospital. It even has some personal stories from people who have been on the journey through weight loss surgery and how they dealt with the changes that they have experienced. This book is a wonderful resource and a basic must for anyone who is considering any kind of weight loss surgery.

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