Sunday, December 7, 2008

Amazing Results

The gastric bypass operation reduces the progression and mortality of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

This is an article written for the Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery. In this study the group of researchers studied the effects of gastric bypass surgery on patients with type 2 diabetes. The research group was a group of 232 patients where 154 had surgery and 78 did not for various reasons, including not having insurance approval for the surgery. The results for this study were amazing. The patients who did not have surgery were unable to maintain any level of weight loss and their diabetes symptoms did not get any better, and in some cases became worse. In the patients who did have surgery, the diabetes either went away completely or the symptoms were greatly improved after surgery. Through the continued weight loss and the ability to keep it off because of surgery, many of these patients were able to get off of their medications completely and live much healthier lives.

The link for this journal can be found here

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